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  Glass fiber reinforced PP-R pipes


Specification of products  


Glass fiber reinforced PP-R(abbreviated as “FR/PP-R”hereafter),tubing is 100% imported raw material for assurance for quality of product,such material is one kind of high-performance tubing produced under low-temperature and high speed through multi-layer extrusion by special workmanship and equipment, such tubing is made of three layers of structure, interior/exterior layer is made of PP-R material assures sanitary performance for tubing;middle layer enters into performance for strength and rigidity reinforcement and expandability coefficient reduction; exterior layered PP-R is used to easily execute melting connection with traditional PP-R tubing.It features S2,S2.5,S3.2,S4,S5(five types ) pipe serial pressure class; it is specially designed for hot water conveyance system. Nominal outside diameter includes over 30 types of specification ranging from 20 to 63mm..


Product feature    


Linear expansion coefficient a ≤0.5*10-4m/m..℃ Is only about ordinary PP-R 1/3,thorough settlement plastic pipeline’s expansion difficult problem
The tubing rigidity strengthens ,prevents the pipeline sagging phenomenon ,meanwhile reduced the center of resistance quantity ,thus reduced the project comprehensive construction cost
Bears the static hydraulic pressure intensity obviously to enhance ,under the same level exploitation conditions ,the pressure load which the same level specification’s compound tubing can withstand enhances above 25% compared to ordinary PP-R ,enhanced circuitry’s safety coefficient ,in the usual design shocks under the strength the service life to be longer
Better high temperature performance ,energy-saving effect of significantly reducing power consumption ,FR/PP-R used in hot water systems ,to adapt to stress may be below the temperature at 90℃ for long-term use
Available hot-melt ordinary PP-R pipe fittings to connect to undertake ,fittings complete ,convenient and reliable construction
Solved the pipeline to pass the oxygen question ,with the water contact’s internal surface health non-toxic ,the leak-proof quality was directly good ,will not from the fresh-water weeds




The civil construction gives the aqueous system
The air-conditioning plant uses the pipe network
Pure water/drink and dairy product and so on industrial used aqueous system
The solar energy facility uses the pipe network
The factory compressed air uses the pipe network
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