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  PP-R pipe


Product overview


1、Healthy: At the highest level 0f Dahua PP-R pipes’ priorities is maintaining the quality of water that reaches your family
2、Hot resistance: Dahua PP-R pipes are designed to withstand constant temperatures up to 95℃.
3、High corrosion and scale resistance: Dahua PP-R pipes have high corrosion and scale resistance properties. Able to prevent scale and rustiness
4、Environment and energy-saving advantages: its thermal conductivity is only 1∕200 that of metal pipe. Thus, this material is ideal for energy saving during delivery of hot water
5、Less weight, high intensity: Its proportion is only 1∕8 that of metal pipe: the intensity reaches to 5Mpa (above 50kg∕cm2) in the pressure resistance test. Excellent toughness and impact resistance。
6、Beautiful appearance: The pipes’ outer surface and inside surface and both very smooth with a small friction coefficient, which ensure the water to flow smoothly. Nice color and pictures
7、The installation is easy and reliable. Pipes and fittings could be connected by melt-connecting technique, no mantle fibers are needed. The connecting of one joint will be completed within seconds. More than that, we will use copper product when connecting with metal pipe or water apparatus.
8、Long service life: the service life expectancy of the pipes is more than 50 years


Connection diagram    
According to the length to straight cut off the PP-R pipe with a scissors so as to guarantee the opening neat and not lean.
At first, cleaning the dirty things off the pipe and pipe melting material, at melting temperature up to 260℃,and the green indicator changing to red (at 260℃ the indicator becomes red naturally), putting the two directly into the heat-melting head。
Heating fully, pulling out the pipe and pipe material and virtually insulting into and maintaining for some time ,under a normal melting, the joint surface should have an even melting joint circle