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  PE-RT pipe dedicated to warming


Product overview  


PE-RT (heat enhanced polyethylene ) is a new type of medium-density polyethylene materials ,materials octene as a comonomer ,through precise control of polymerization to be a unique molecular structure ,made of heat-resistant material ,resistant to long-term static pressure and stress cracking resistance properties have been enhanced significantly ,PP-R pipe flexibility ,good solderability and high heat stability so that it can be widely use in radiant floor heating system .SK Korea adopted 100 percent imported raw materials ,the use of professional technology and advanced extrusion production line-type finish first .


Product featur  
Good temperature and ,where appropriate ,under the pressure of the highest temperature resistance of up to 90% better performance at low temperature frost ,and excellent fight
Have good flexibility ,bending its outer diameter to the pipe diameter can be as small as 5 times ,it is to facilitate the laying of the economy
30% Friction loss ,pipe conveying fluid than the diameter of metal tube with 30%
Good chemical corrosion resistance ,long service life
Good environmental adaptability ,excellent low temperature resistance capabilities and the expansion of anti-sc ,atch performance
Wall smooth ,easy scaling
Shock resistance than PP-R ,PEX pipes
0.4wt/m Better heat dissipation ,thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.4wt/m
Under normal use conditions ,the pipeline is safe to use for more than 50 years


Application areas  


Floor heating system ,which applies to home living room ,bedroom and place equipment ,systems ,ect.Notice
Applicable to other special needs of the ground heating pipes with places such as airport runways and roads melt pipe city
Residential central heating
Building with cold water supply ,drinking water pipeline system
Domestic water heater system and the various types of piping connections
Beverage consumption in the instrument ,alcohol ,milk and other fluid pipelines
A refrigeration system and water pipes from the system
Other industrial pipeline
PE-RT pipes dedicated to warming