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  PP-R aluminum-plastic composite pipe


Product overview  


Aluminum-plastic PP-R composite pipe comprises of five-layer mutual-extruded structure , interior layer is food degree PEX (PE) , exterior layer is of PP-R ;middle one is of longitudinal superposition-welded aluminum layer ,which isolates each kind of liquid from penteration .it integrates in excellent high-temperature resistant performance for aluminum-plastic composite pipe and less linear distortion after heated while having reliability for PP-R tubing thermal melting connection ,so it preferably settles down shortcoming of higher cost for aluminum-plastic composite tube jiont and more linear expandability coefficient for PP-R tubing , its connection is the same as that of PP-R tubing


Product feature    


Better sanitary performance ,free from rust ,prevention from pollution for liquid , used in purified water and drinking water piping ,act as environmental protection construction material
High-temperature or high-pressure resistant ,corrosion resistant , used to convey hot water and chemical medium
Smooth pipe inside wall and less resistance with liquid inside piping
Rigid as metal , liable to bend or extend straight , no rebound ,free from brittleness during distortion
Better heat-insulated/isolated performance ,saving for heat-isolated material outside pipe
Feature better inflammability and electric shield performance
Anti-aging or slow-change resistance , long life of use
Light weight ,liability to cut off and process and easy erection
Imptrove connection with original aluminum-plastic pipe ;apply for PP-R fitting thermal method for further connection ,features safety and reliability and less integral cost


Applicable industry    


Used in cool/hot water pipe and drinking water system ,assure free from second pollution for quality of water
Heating piping ,floor ,heating unit erected on wall ,pipe used for snow-melting unit in buiding in Noth China
Pipe used in heating/cool unit by solar energy
Conduit for industriar fuel conveyor and coolant
Chemical pipe for conveynce in chemical plant
Pipe used for exterior connection in beverage plant
Pipe used for spraying and irrigation engineering in agriculture
Oxygen conveyance pipe in the hospital